Q: Why should I go to Tokyo Bust Express for consultation?

A: Tokyo Bust Express sets the pace in its foray of bust solutions, adopting an all natural approach in solving bust problems and enhancing bust health, through the implementation of traditional massage techniques combined with the most advanced bust technology.

Q: What are the type of treatments available?

A: We have a range of 7 treatment therapies focusing on Bust Lifting, Bust Enhancement, Bust Contouring and Nipple Treatments that are personalized according to every lady’s needs.

Q: Are the treatments expensive?

A: Tokyo Bust Express believes in providing clients with personalized packages that are value for money. Please call in to check on our packages and current promotions.

Q: Are the treatments safe?

A: Tokyo Bust Express provides bust therapy using natural ingredients. No oral pills or surgeries will be performed to ensure that there are zero side effects.

Q: Does the treatment programs cater to all ages?

A: Consultants in Tokyo Bust Express will personalize each treatment according to each client’s requirements and needs.

Q: How many sessions do I have to undergo to see the results?

A: Many ladies notice results after just one treatment. Nevertheless, results depend on each individual as the breast tissues and mammary glands of some women might not be receptive.

Q: Do I have to continue treatments after my problem is solved?

A: Maintenance is highly recommended. Ladies can utilize bust care products for self maintenance or seek maintenance at Tokyo Bust Express for optimal results.

Q: How do Tokyo Bust Express’ treatments work?

A: The phytoestrogens constituents in our serum/essence have been selected carefully for the capability to promote the growth of glandular tissues at the breast region. The ingredients in the composition align with female hormones, correcting any imperfection in the bust region.

Q: Can males go for consultation?

A: We do not have treatment programs for males.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: Please refer to the “Contact Us” page for the contact details. Alternatively, you can choose to walk in or fill in the form in the “Promotions” or “Contact Us” page.